Your Ideal Partner

This reading describes your perfect love match in remarkable detail based on your ASTROLOGICAL birth chart.
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    The PDF report will describe everything you need to know about your ideal partner, including:

  • Their main traits and qualities
  • Defining experiences and life-themes
  • Their interests and activities
  • Sources of growth and meaning
  • Many other fascinating things about them
100% Personalized

Interpreted based on your entire birth chart by experienced astrologers.


Clear and detailed description of your perfect partner in ~2500 words

FAST Turnaround

We speed up non-astrology tasks with AI to deliver your report in just 2-3 days.

Alex Valea

Interpreted from your chart by Alex Valea, with over a decade of experience in astrological consulting based on Unified Astrology.

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Here are some things that you may want to know:

'Your Ideal Partner' reading goes above and beyond placements such as your Venus, Mars, or 7th house, drawing insights from all the major placements of your birth-chart to describe your ideal partner. 

This interpretation describes your perfect match or your most meaningful 'soul contract' for this life-time. 

Your 'Ideal Partner' reading will be delineated by an experienced astrologer drawing information hands-on from your chart. Although most  non-astrology tasks are sped up using AI tools, your reading is 100% personalized.

Providing an exact birth time ensures maximum accuracy for your reading.

If your birth time is missing and the Moon sign DID NOT change during the day you were born, we read your Moon chart. 

If your birth time is missing and the Moon sign DID change during the day you were born, we read your Sun chart.